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Busy at work


Howdy everyone,

Just to let you know, this is my busy time of year at my real job. It usually starts at the beginning of December and runs through January. However, with some of the unexpected changes taking place, I find myself with a much larger load. It was necessary to begin earnestly working towards the end of January beginning in November. I have no less than 11 articles to write and provide graphics/photos before the end of December. We (I) are also in the middle of completely recreating our 30 x 20 trade show display, which must be finished by the end of December. Along with the normal 4 page customer quotes and helping to engineer customer systems, I find myself using the mornings (when I blog) to try and catch up.

No, I ‘m not complaining, I love what I do. Just trying to adjust to a very busy time. Hope to get back to blogging soon.

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